Our management services are built on trusted partnerships with our clients. We value communication between our clients and us as the best way of building a successful business.
The years of experience in Bavaro-Punta Cana support us in our pursuit to cater the specific needs that are giving in this area, that is focus vacational rental apartments and second residence maintenance.
  • Cleaning: Not only impacts on the comfort of our guests but also helps to keep up the place in good conditions. We work with professionals to ensure the best results and pay special attention to prevent or slow down future problems (like pests, saltpeter and mold, very common with this weather).
  • Maintenance: We keep a policy of periodically checking the apartments to ventilate and make sure everything is ok. Secondary residences specially are vulnerable to damages as things are not been use for long periods of time. We evaluate the state of the apartment frequently and inform our customers if any reparations are necesary, bringing photos and videos.
  • Collect rents: We manage contracts and rent collecting of our rental apartments, we sent our clients a monthly state also. If the apartments is for vacational rent, we offer to manage the ads on different websides, prepare the apartments, greet the guests and make sure their stay is enjoyable!